Nuclear Cardiology

Nuclear Cardiology Cases:

Each case is provided with images and a relevant case history, after interpreting the data you can view the answer by clicking on Show Answer button given at the end of each case.
  1. Nuclear Cardiology Case: A 64-year-old man with history of chest pain, to be evaluated for ischemia 
  2. Case in Nuclear Cardiology: A 61-year-old woman with history of CAD, status post multiple PTCAs, and laser angioplasty of proximal LAD, presented with recurrent chest pain  
  3. Nuclear Cardiology Case: A 73-year-old woman presented with increasing cough and dyspnea 
  4. Case: A 69-year-old woman presented to the emergency room complaining of chest pain 
  5. A 60-year-old man was referred for an exercise dual-isotope study for evaluation of atrial fibrillation and exercise-induced left bundle branch block 
  6. Nuclear Cardiology: A 53 year old woman being evaluated for dyspnea  
  7. Nuclear Cardiology Case: A 63-year-old man, known multivessel CAD. Evaluate the severity of ischemia 
  8. Nuclear Cardiology Case: A 53-year-old man with family history of coronary artery disease presented with CHF and ECG evidence of silent anterior wall MI
  9. Nuclear Cardiology Case: A 49-year-old woman with history of postprandial chest pain for the last 3 weeks 
  10. Nuclear Cardiology Case: A 65 year old woman with history of COPD and mild hypertension, now presented with CHF 
  11. Case: A 55 year old man with positive family history (mother - MI at age 54, sister - CAD and CVA at age 50), No history of cardiac diseases, came for evaluation of CAD 
  12. A 50 year old man history of NIDDM, renal artery stenosis and longstanding hypertension now presented with CHF

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